The Town

An Abbreviated Town's Begining 

In 1702 Abram Turner, a Pastor and farmer of Williamsburg, VA moved to the area with his wife Laura and daughter Sarah in 1702, displacing the town’s previous residents whom they claimed were devil worshippers. After colonizing Averno, Abram mysteriously disappeared in 1703.

Featured Locations

Roadkill Cuts Butcher:

Owned and operated by town conspiracy theorist Big Eddie, you can find nearly any cut of meat at Roadkill Cuts. You might not want to ask where they got it, though.

Dolores' Pie Shop:

You will never find a crisper crust than at Dolores' Pie Shop. Dolores is the kind of take-no-nonsense lady that seems like she might have been around forever, making pies and glaring at newcomers. Known around town for their Local Pie, Dolores' Pie Shop is the only place to go for a slice of pie or serving of gossip. 

Al's Grocery:

Al's has the lowest prices you can find this side of I95s. The downside, however, is that it is humanly impossible to find a name brand anywhere within the store. From Red Twizzle Sticks to Pillowy Roasting Candy, you'll never pay top dollar here- but you also can't be entirely sure what's inside the package.  

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Al's Groceries.PNG
Dolores Pie Shop.PNG

Skyline Diner:

Situated at the edge of town, Skyline Diner sits smack dab in between A New School, Averno, and the road out of town. While it looks like a retro themed diner, that's really just because it hasn't been remodeled in fifty years. Students from A New School often show up at odd hours of the night, ordering dino chicken Nuggets and Mountain Dew, not leaving until dawn when the first truckers show up.

skyline dinner.png