Retired Friends

Former Members Whose Work Still Influences



Andre is a writer, artist, and Dm. They were a theatre kid for several years but now the closest they get to acting is playing NPCs and hoarding TikTok drafts. In their free time, they enjoys re-watching the muppet movies on Disney+ and ranting. They do lots of research on different things and they worked on a variety of different projects in Averno but you probably know them from the professors series although they also made the original field guide and several characters within the lore of Averno. You can also check out their newest project here.


Charlie Hoopman


Charlie Hoopman is an artist, animator, and writer as well as a amateur cosplayer and Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master. Charlie is young, 15, but has gone to camps at Digipen University and is hoping to get into csssa at cal arts next year. Hobbies include staring off into space, animal crossing, and painting renaissance inspired portraits. He has 2 brothers which he cares for very much and is available to talk to or view art at @reye.vern on Instagram.


Eva María López


Eva María Lópeza is a 20 year old illustrator and fine arts student who also likes creating characters and using soft colors and watercolor.




Una, or Fro, as she prefers to call herself, is a young female concept artist for Averno. Often struggling with computer crashes and lost art, she spends most her time screaming about random story boards and characters she suddenly thought of. Her dream is to one day join professional thespians, or start her own novel. She’s forever grateful for the joy Averno has brought to her life and the friends she’s been able to meet thanks to it!



Mod, Social Media, & Worldbuilding

Hym is a struggling high school student with chronic fatigue syndrome and suspected ehlers-danlos syndrome. When not sleeping or lying on the couch with a massive ice pack, xey are scheming of new cryptids to create for Averno or added political intrigue for their own novel, always heavily influenced by zir life as a chronically ill, autistic, nonbinary person. Hym does mainly social media/marketing related work and dips their toes into worldbuilding also. Its job might be best described as misc. Hym is so excited and honored to be helping out with Averno and ve know ae will find lasting friendships with the other members of the concept team.




August is a 16 year old artist for the Averno Concept Team and helps out with certain social medias for Averno. Their main art account is @korokapot but it’s not really active. So go to their Averno account instead, @august.averno.ans. They are asexual/aromantic but can still surprising give pretty mediocre love advice. They're an aspiring theatre actor but for now art will do. Their favorite fandoms are from musicals, cartoons, anime, and anything that isn’t something she doesn’t like. They hopes to continue to work on Averno for all the time it has to spare.


Maddy Carp


MaddyCarp (aka Maddy) has been drawing her whole life. She has only recently dipped her toes in what we (humans) like to call writing and musical theatre. She overworks herself too often and is a ball of stress, when not falling for straight girls she likes to dream about being better at art and think of what she thinks a "Forest Hymn" animatic would look like. She is usually at school, though she finds it easy and spends most of class on the Averno discord. She loves doing lego sets for the "expert" level (which is 14-16 to get a hint of her age) and flexing on how in the second grade she got a letter from NASA.




Morgan is a young freelance artist and animator from Canada, specializing in 'sketchy' type animations and fantasy realism art, as well as an aspiring author.



Morri is an teenage artist, writer and an theatre actress. She loves reading book, listening music and watching horror movies. She is trying to improve her drawing skill on instagram. She is 16. When she found Averno, she found her home. She loves being part of this family.


Riley Greenwood


Auggie Greenwood is a teen composer, lyricist, musician, and performer whose musicals went viral on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok (200k followers). They are experienced in teaching the art of writing musical theatre through their online intensive “Future Broadway Creators”, which they co-run with writing partner Morgan Smith. Their first musical, “Antonia” (The Marie Antoinette Musical) was featured at the Florence Little Theatre in South Carolina when they were 15 years old, and recently their work has featured at the New York Theatre Barn. They are the lead composer of Averno.


Sushi Soucy


Sushi Soucy is an 18-year-old Savannah, Georgia based composer/playwright/actor. They have written over 17 musicals and produced two albums plus a single. They are a part of a professional improv troupe called “Odd Lot Improv”, perform in “Savannah Shakes” productions, and they have been an assistant stage manager for an equity production of “Around the World in 80 Days”. They also wrote and directed an award-winning short film for the 48-hour film festival in Savannah.