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Head of Averno Online & Website

Abigail is an 19 year old college student that possesses abilities in the mysterious entity known as math. So much so that she is studying biomedical engineering to create medical devices, like prosthetics and hearing aids, for people with disabilities. When she isn't busy with school and Averno she can often be found reading in her room, doing research for her lab, or cooking and baking up a storm. In addition, Abigail manages Averno Online, so all things Averno that are self released, as well as running  the website. 


Ella Villani

Social Media: TikTok 

Ella is a 15 1/2 year old icon- well, not icon but for some reason the kids on the discord server worship her, probably because she’s a mod. Ella is from the US and does theater and makeup in her free time (ask me about the seven deadly sins I dare you). What she does on the team? Who knows. Social media? Sure! Modding? Yeah basically. Art? Goose! Her socials are @ellab1357 on Instagram and TikTok!


Elodie Prigent

Social Media: Instagram and Twitter

Elodie is a 17 year old queer just trying their best. Since joining the Averno team in November 2019, they have headed many Averno social media accounts, helped develop and run multiple online events, and dabbled in various other secret projects. Their favorite experience so far was being a Project Manager for the Find Averno ARG, for which they also handled Kennedy's social media. They are so thankful to Morgan for welcoming them into Averno and to the team for being some of their best friends. They are grateful to be a part of a community that brings so much representation, especially to young queer people. You can find them on Instagram @ elodie.prigent.


Graphics & Social Media: Instagram

Emi is a Panamanian high school student and Averno fan account owner. Having joined the team in September of 2020, she's worked on social media, planning of events, and most notably the FindAverno ARG as both a mod and a social media plant. Being a part of Averno is a dream come true to her, and so is being able to keep growing what is considered to be a home for so many people. She is always willing to help out with miscellaneous tasks on the team as well as using her platform in the community to keep the Averno fandom as strong as it can be.


Jo Sergent

Marketing Strategy

Jo Sergent is a young, nonbinary professional in NYC. They managed social media and photography for Broadway Crew and Isle of Shoals before COVID-19. Their career began with their research paper: "Social Media Marketing for Broadway via Twitter" being presented at the National Convention for Undergraduate Research in 2019.


Leo Kate

Social Media: TikTok

Leo Kate, otherwise known as L, is a 15 year old influencer, writer, and record breaker. If you ever saw Leo in public you’d think of how loud and outgoing they are, as they crack countless jokes and do their best to make the ones around them smile. You will also come to find Leo is a chaotic person with very bad luck. In August 2020, they broke their school record for "most messed up, inaccurate class schedule." How did they manage to sign up for three different 4th periods in both semesters you may ask? They have no clue. They also have a reoccurring trend of being second which eventually they’d love to break. In 2019, they got second best in the state for the technology and for the recycled arts portion of a nationwide competition. They were second in the state for their club soccer team, and they also became the second biological female to ever play high school football in North Carolina. While they aren’t conquering a second place title they love to write, perform, make videos, and play sports. In May 2020, they stumbled upon a TikToker named "Auggie Greenwood" who was advertising a class called FBC. Being the impulsive person they are, they immediately applied. They got in and started to bond with the other FBC members, where they were introduced to a universe called "Averno." They immediately clicked with everyone in Averno and showed off their talents and presence. They finally got lucky and was accepted into the concept team. To Leo, being on the concept team has made them feel like first place.

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Layout Design & Lore Compilation

Mags (she/they) is a high schooler who enjoys hanging out in the Averno Discord, making Averno fan content, writing Averno fanfic, learning every bit of Averno lore they can get their hands on, and generally being obsessed with Averno. In the rest of their time, they can be found reading, writing, Irish dancing, joining too many clubs, and fantasizing about living in castles. On the team, she nominally does layout design work but tends to get involved in everything else going on as well. You can find her on Instagram @mags.averno.ans.



Social Media: Tumblr & Wiki Manager

Sam is 107 year old* high school student, best known as a mod on the Discord server. When she’s not yelling with/at the kids on the server, she’s punching the Wikia into submission, answering asks on Tumblr, posting on the Snapchat, event planning, world building, and stumbling her way through both the visual and performing arts.


Tessa Barcelo

Professional Development

Jokingly called Mini-Morgan by the Averno team, Tessa is an award-winning composer, writer, singer, actress, and activist. She is thrilled to be working on Averno as Morgan’s extra brain and right hand witch. When she’s not helping manage the social media or running around trying to keep track of all the Averno projects, Tessa records songs out of her basement in northeastern Massachusetts, and her music can be found on most streaming platforms. She has previously worked with Morgan as a teaching assistant for Future Broadway Creators, a month-long class teaching young writers how to write musicals. A junior in high school, Tessa plans to go to college for songwriting and then move to New York to write musicals. For more from Tessa, follow @tessabarcelo on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, or check out her website,