Writing Team

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Morgan Smith


Morgan is twenty years old and has grown up all over the East Coast, from farms in Virginia and Maine to a cabin in Connecticut.
Writer of Oceanborn, an internet-famous fantasy musical called "sweeping and confident" by the New York Times, Wayward Sisters, an upcoming musical about paganism in the deep south, and Delirium, an upcoming musical about nightmares coming to life, Morgan's writing is thoroughly entrenched in the mythic women of past and present. 
Their short fiction has been published in the US and internationally, winning over 20 national awards.  They have studied at Bryn Mawr College, Kenyon College, Yale University, Juilliard, and New York University.

Jamie Frazier

Concept Design

Jamie (They/He) does concept design for the Averno Universe and is Quinn on the podcast “Live from Averno.” Since origins of Averno, they have worked on world building, lore creation, and editing content. Jamie, while being a creator of Averno, was still swallowed by it just the same. A biological anthropologist and birth doula by trade, Jamie quickly found that their passion of telling stories and building worlds with their partner Morgan Smith, soon took on a life of its own. Now, they spend their days imaging new worlds, creating new creatures, and generally being team dad.