Get to Know Us

Alecsys Proctor-Turner

Singer and Composer

Alecsys Proctor-Turner (she/her) is an actor, singer, songwriter from Miami, Fl. She is a recent graduate from The University of Miami’s BFA Music Theatre Program. Recent credits include: Lippa's THE WILD PARTY(Kate), RAGTIME(Sarah's friend),  and THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS(Audrey II). Alecsys is the founder of The Coral Sands(@thecoralsands), a page that showcases black artists. Her goal is to tell stories that matter, and to make sure that Black Artists are being heard. Instagram: @alecsyslyrix

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Music Production 

Alex (they/them) is a 13 year old artist for Averno. They do illustrations, music, and many other things on the team. They are obsessed with stories and fiction, and this is the origin of most of their skills. They have been doing art more seriously for about 3 years, starting with digital art and picking up various other mediums along the way. Other than Averno, they are working on various other projects to improve their skills. They can be found on Instagram @HeyItsAlex88, where they sometimes post cool stuff that they do!

Alexa Chalnick

Head of Composition and Music Director

Alexa Chalnick (she/her | 19) is the Head of Composition and Music Director for the Averno Universe. Most commonly known for her TikTok channel which has over 600,000 subscribers, Chalnick has also made national news for her “Songwriting Challenges”. Chalnick has studied at Juilliard, Rutgers Mason Gross, The PaperMill Playhouse, West Minster Choir College, Howell's Fine Performing Arts Center, as well as at Ithaca College where she is currently getting her Bachelors degree in Music. Chalnick founded “Sing For Alexa Saturday,” a free zoom musical theatre masterclass made accessible for everyone, and is also growing a YouTube Channel where she plans to continue to post content. All of Alexa's socials can be found by searching @AlexaChalnick. For other information as well as contact info, visit


Alex Masse

Music Production

Alex Masse is a writer and musician from BC. She enjoys poetry, prose, writing for her school paper, songwriting, producing, and performing. She's a neurodivergent lesbian, which greatly influences her art. When not writing, she’s probably making music. When not making music, she's probably writing. Her writing has received two Scholastic Awards Gold Keys, and publication in various outlets. Her self-released EP, “A Year, Moonbound,” has received plenty of acclaim. She's on the music team for Averno (when not adding onto worldbuilding and lore), bringing her distinct, dreamy sound to a whole new world.

Alicia Selkirk

Lead Concept Artist for Willow & Composer

Alicia Selkirk is an Australian actor, filmmaker, playwright and composer. She is currently studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and has been performing in musicals and plays for over 10 years. Her most recent theatre credits include Fantine in Les Misérables, Astrid in Spontaneous Human Combustion and Caroline in I and You. In June of 2020 Alicia joined the Averno team as the lead artist and project manager for Willow: A New Musical. More recently she played the role of Kennedy in Dazed: A New Musical which Alicia also composed. As well as working on a number of future Averno musicals and projects, Alicia is writing her debut play which she is hoping to preview in 2022. In the future Alicia plans to move to New York to continue her flourishing career in the performing arts. You can find links to her work and socials here:


Christabelle Marbun


Christabelle Marbun is a 16 year old Actor, Singer, Dancer, Composer, and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She was born and raised in Indonesia where she started acting at age 2, and has been in over 116 movies, theater performances, and commercials since then. When she was 10 years old she was nominated in the Indonesian Film Festival for Best Child Actor in the Indonesian Oscars. She went on to participate in a performing arts program at Disney World, Florida, where she won the Top Performer and Top Vocalist Awards; she later on became the Ambassador for Asia in the same program. When she was 13 years old she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. She’s written and published two poetry books at age 16: “The Hard Part is Living” and “Uncharted Existence”, Her first book becoming a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Asian Poetry. In January 2021 she joined the Averno team as a composer and is currently working on multiple projects. All of her socials can be found here:


Emma Freeman


Emma Freeman (she/her) is an actor, singer, and songwriter from New York. She joined the Averno universe as Violet in the early stages of “Bittersummer" (album soon to be released), and then went on to voice Grace in “Willow” and Clover in “Dazed.” She played Finn in the original Off-Broadway production of “Oceanborn” by Morgan Smith & Mhairi Cameron. Some other favorite performance credits include Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”), Olive (“The 25th… Spelling Bee”), Nina (“The Seagull”), Martha (“Spring Awakening”). As a songwriter, her original music can be heard on all major streaming services. Her music can be described as indie pop/folk, while creating her own unique sound with lyrical melodies, lush harmonies, and truthful storytelling. When not performing or writing, she spends her time recording demo vocals for new musicals and creating arrangements of her own. She has a BFA in musical theatre from the University of Miami. Links and socials:

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Janeen Garcia


Janeen Garcia (she/her | 20) is a singer, actress, and musician based in New York City. Classically trained in piano from age 4 and flute from age 11, she has collected many awards and accolades at the state and national levels for her solo work and ensemble performances. In high school, Janeen discovered a passion for acting while working as a pit musician in her school’s production of “Sweeney Todd” and went on to perform on stage in productions of “The Addams Family,” “Songs for a New World,” and “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” During her first year at New York University, Garcia joined the Averno team as Dahlia in the early stages of the musical “Bittersummer.” After partnering with Broadway Records, Janeen also went on to voice Cassia (“Willow”) and Nova (“Over and Out”) while leading music direction, providing piano instrumentals, and voicing Dahlia for the recording of the “Bittersummer” concept album. She is excited to continue working with Averno and is continuing to pursue a career in the performing arts. Her links can be found here:


Nalah Palmer


Nalah Palmer is an African-American violinist and contemporary/classical composer. With ten years of violin experience under her belt, she aspires to play for the stage, and compose for the stage as well. Also partnering with August Greenwood on their musical Two Maiden Ladies as an instrumentalist and orchestrator, Averno’s Willow was Nalah’s first project, and soon to be released Over And Out will be her second. Outside of musical theatre, Nalah has several works of her own that she is currently working on releasing, and outside of music as a whole, she is an accomplished artist and enjoys video game media, which she also thinks is a field of music she’d like to work in.

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Richard Eyler


Richard Eyler (they/them) is an nonbinary actor, singer, and writer. They are most well known for their portrayal of Quinn Bailey in Averno’s Bittersummer: A New Musical and their musical theatre covers like Do You Wanna Ride. They have also been seen in multiple New York productions; most recently they played Bridg in the latest workshop of Group Therapy: A New Musical at Dixon Place. They are currently actively posting on their youtube channel (@OkRickchard) and focusing on original music based projects.

Robin Thorn

Music Production

Robin Thorn is a nonbinary composer, orchestrator, programmer, sound & light technician and creator of various other multimedia projects based in Essex , UK. Even though they are only 16, they have already been involved in many large projects such as being a member of the creative team for the multimedia Averno franchise and founding the Player Two media network among many others. They are also studio manager and a sound engineer at Offtape Studios in London where they help to find clients and manage the studios online presence as well as assisting in the production and recording of music. You can find out more about them and their work on their website ( ). There you will also find links to their patreon and other social medias (most of which use the handle @_thawney).