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Auggie Greenwood

Lead Composer

Auggie Greenwood is a teen composer, lyricist, musician, and performer whose musicals went viral on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok (200k followers). They are experienced in teaching the art of writing musical theatre through their online intensive “Future Broadway Creators”, which they co-run with writing partner Morgan Smith. Their first musical, “Antonia” (The Marie Antoinette Musical) was featured at the Florence Little Theatre in South Carolina when they were 15 years old, and recently their work has featured at the New York Theatre Barn. They are the lead composer of Averno.

Sushi Soucy


Sushi Soucy is an 18-year-old Savannah, Georgia based composer/playwright/actor. They have written over 17 musicals and produced two albums plus a single. They are a part of a professional improv troupe called “Odd Lot Improv”, perform in “Savannah Shakes” productions, and they have been an assistant stage manager for an equity production of “Around the World in 80 Days”. They also wrote and directed an award-winning short film for the 48-hour film festival in Savannah.

Alex Bio Pic.jpg


Music Production 

Alex (they/them) is a 13 year old artist for Averno. They do illustrations, music, and many other things on the team. They are obsessed with stories and fiction, and this is the origin of most of their skills. They have been doing art more seriously for about 3 years, starting with digital art and picking up various other mediums along the way. Other than Averno, they are working on various other projects to improve their skills. They can be found on Instagram @HeyItsAlex88, where they sometimes post cool stuff that they do!

Alex Masse

Music Production

Alex Masse is a writer and musician from BC. She enjoys poetry, prose, writing for her school paper, songwriting, producing, and performing. She's a neurodivergent lesbian, which greatly influences her art. When not writing, she’s probably making music. When not making music, she's probably writing. Her writing has received two Scholastic Awards Gold Keys, and publication in various outlets. Her self-released EP, “A Year, Moonbound,” has received plenty of acclaim. She's on the music team for Averno (when not adding onto worldbuilding and lore), bringing her distinct, dreamy sound to a whole new world.


Robin Thorn

Music Production

Robin Thorn is a nonbinary composer, orchestrator, programmer, sound & light technician and creator of various other multimedia projects based in Essex , UK. Even though they are only 16, they have already been involved in many large projects such as being a member of the creative team for the multimedia Averno franchise and founding the Player Two media network among many others. They are also studio manager and a sound engineer at Offtape Studios in London where they help to find clients and manage the studios online presence as well as assisting in the production and recording of music. You can find out more about them and their work on their website ( ). There you will also find links to their patreon and other social medias (most of which use the handle @_thawney).

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