Department of Unconfirmed Existence


If you walk straight to the center of campus and fist bump the statue of Abraham Luther Lee Jr., you’ll find yourself in the tunnels that run beneath all of the school. These tunnels are the domain of the DUE. No one has ever really been able to confirm that they do, in fact exist, however rumor has it that beneath the old campus there are tunnels that house the seventh department. Consisting solely on a diet of mountain dew and kraft and mac and cheese, no one knows how the students of DUE survive. They venture out at night in dark hoodies, armed with EMF readers, d, and a constant theme song of the “spooky scary skeletons” dubstep remix. If anyone could confirm that they exist, they would be voted “department with the most crackhead energy”. 

You cannot declare a major in this department. If you’re chosen, you disappear into one of the unmarked doors in the backs of closets, trapdoors in abandoned classrooms, or from anywhere in the gym, as there are never any witnesses. The DUE has one mission- to search for and obtain proof of the unexplainable. 

Notable alumni purportedly include Goatman and the Jersey Devil (back when he still had a mullet).


Key Colors: Teal and Umber


Subjects of study:


Mythology (demonology, etc.)

Exploration (outer space, deep sea, etc)


Building: The tunnels


Motto: I disrespect your bridge goatman!


Concepts/ ideas/ vibes: 



Somehow eating only food that’s a step above battery acid- and surviving


Simping for Sasquatch

Space vibes- specifically aliens

All showed up at the Area 51 raid

due tunnel.JPG