Dream Weaver

Dreamweaver is a graphic novel set in the forest. It follows the Wild Ones- the children rescued from abusive and neglectful homes, raised feral in the forest. There are many groups of them dispersed throughout the forest, but this story focuses on one family- Scarlett, Thea, Soren, Ever, Hayden, and Harper. They live in a never-neverland home built of wood and stolen scraps from the junkyard, an odd assortment of cottages and forts they affectionately call The Heap.


Scarlett hasn’t always had a home. She spends her days drawing pictures of snails, hiding under her bed, and talking to the flowers on her wallpaper. But when the Shadow Mothers appear and whisk her away into the woods, she discovers a world she never believed possible- not even in her wildest dreams. She learns to walk between the worlds, to build a home for the other children of the woods, to survive through the darkest nights and weave a shimmering world of secrets, a world that will be her safe haven and her worst nightmare.and edit me. It's easy.

Shadow Mothers

Scarlett is one of the children that is rescued by the Shadow Mothers. She grows up strong in the Forest- a little too strong, just as all the children do. They aren't quite superhuman, but they are closer to other realms than we are. Scarlett can walk freely in the dream realm, Soren can hear the dead, and Thea can heal anyone with just a few herbs and muttered words.


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Soren is another one of the children in Scarlett's family. He is her best friend, her confidante, and her fiercest protector. But he is also driven more than a little mad by the voices of the dead inside his head. When the forest's children reach adulthood, they are given a choice- stay, become Shadows and Wanderers, or leave. Soren shocks Scarlett by deciding to leave- in order to get justice for the ghosts he's heard in his head for his whole life. The ghosts of people who have been murdered in Averno.