Department of Lost Histories

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Housed in the body of Averno’s Holy House of God Cathedral (built 1707-1709, abandoned in 1761), the Department of Lost Histories is a Dark Academia dream. White marble floors that echo with the click of high heels. Endless books in mahogany bookshelves that stretch to the ceiling. Upon first examination, it feels almost museum-like. But when you look closer, you see the cracks in the facade. Students tucked away on armchairs, chugging two-day-old black coffee from cups with lipstick marks. Dark circles under eyes. Piles of books left out from frenzied searches in the early morning. The students of the DLH are time travelers and detectives, historians and madmen. The truth is out there. There are stories that have never been heard. There are voices that have been forgotten. There are places still to be discovered. 

Armed with red wine and a working knowledge of Latin, near-encyclopedic knowledge of art history and an obsession with abnormal psychology, the Lost Historians slip between the cracks in human knowledge, digging into a past more mysterious than we could ever know. 


Key Colors: Forest Green and Dark Drown


Motto: Keep Looking


Subjects of study:







Building: Holy House of God Cathedral (only first level). They have a massive library, Beauty and the Beast style. The common rooms are littered with notes and papers and half-drunk coffee. The literature students sleep in the portion of the library that used to be the offices. No one knows if the history kids sleep. 


Concepts/ ideas/ vibes: 

The smell of old books

Sorting through boxes of letters from estate sales 

Writing in ferocious scribbles because the thoughts come too fastReading old poetry and wondering who it was written for

Leaving the library to go to a dig

Black coffee

Students waking each other up at 4 in the morning because they FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT

Making jokes that every historical figure was gay (because they definitely were) 

Holding bones and coins and pottery and trying to listen to the story they tell you

Chairs in the bookshelves

Four poster bed with red velvet curtains 

Rolling ladders

There’s a whole posse of cats but they ALL LOOK THE SAME

Only the lost historians can tell them apart

If you’re a freshman the cats start following you around and that’s how you find the department 


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