Department of Hidden Sequences

Department of Hidden Sequences without b

The Department of Hidden Sequences is bright. Too bright. 

On top of the abandoned grain factory, there is a Birdcage. At least, that’s what the DHS students call it. A glass box, half rubix cube, half maze, with endlessly repeating geometric patterns that form the only code to navigating the twisting halls.

On the weekend, the Birdcage is a strobe beacon, music pulsing loud enough that you hear it in the DCM Cottage across campus. Students from the other departments steer clear unless they have a guide- they all know that there is a specific madness that lives in those halls, a madness made of numbers that promise answers and shapes that pretend to govern life. Students play music at all hours of the day, experimenting with how different time signatures affect their thought patterns. They code video games and trip on acid, comparing notes about the patterns they see. They get into heated arguments about QRNGS and theories of reality, bible numerology and the predictability of the universe. 

From the double helix staircase to the fibonacci spiral that divides the dorms, the Department of Hidden Sequences is equal parts chaotic and measured. Its students are the same- cold and calculating, playful and mysterious. Sharp eyes and sharp words, trying to divine the secrets of the universe from the hidden patterns on the underside of the world. 


Key Colors: Chartreuse and Royal Blue


Subjects of study:






Building: The Birdcage


Motto: Find the connection.


Concepts/ ideas/ vibes: 

Neon lights and blacklight

Halls that seem to extend forever

One high-level math professor has long glow-in the dark nails, you can always hear her typing


Kissing under blacklight

Playing Bandersnatch again and again, trying to win

Matching tattoos that combine to form intricate patterns

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