Department of Dead Languages

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Housed in the abandoned Cracker Corp factory, the Department of Dead Languages is notorious on campus. As soon as you walk through the front door (torn off its hinges long ago) and into the cavernous building, with its towering walls of broken window panes and hasty scrawls in indecipherable languages, you are transported to another time. Some believe the languages of the dead were never meant to be spoken. That to form the words of a long-dead tongue is to invite ghosts onto your lips. The halls echo with Latin, Greek, Akkadian, signs written in Coptic and Sumerian directing you to the room filled with plush couches that serves as a dorm room, the kitchen with outdated technology that catches fire nearly every day, and the study library that is populated at all hours of the night. When the DDL was established, the students began speaking another language as well. A stranger, wilder one. No one knows where it came from, or really how they learned. It feels as though it has always been there. No signs direct you to the rooms where the most ancient languages are spoken and cast. Bronchoscopy, haruspicy, daphnomancy and augury- the languages that require no words. Students climb the fire escape to watch the sky, translate the language of storms, leaving words behind in favor of the deeper forms of knowing. The students of the DDL know that the gods are always talking. You just have to know how to listen.


Key Colors: Dark Purple and Cream

Subjects of study:






Building: Abandoned Cracker Corp grain factory. Some parts have been remodeled. Others have never been touched. Exposed pipes, industrial lighting, and words scribbled on every available surface. 


Motto: Vivant Linguae Mortuae

Concepts/ ideas/ vibes: 

Students passing notes in Dreamspeak

Sarcastic notes written on the wall in Latin.

Students trying to figure out how to dirty talk in ancient greek

Casting lots to decide who has to go get more coffee

Runes that were carved into the wall at some point- no one really knows when.

 Always! Pens!

Notebooks, ink-stained fingers

One professor who tries to control the chaos- it doesn’t work

Group who sleeps on the top floor like lil intelligent bats

One crazy professor lives IN couch 

One REALLY old professor who doesn’t even know that things are weird- doesn’t notice the craziness

Refrigerators on the wall

Furniture is not what it looks like!!!!

Bulletin boards! EVERYWHERE! 


There are notes in Dreamspeak left around campus- if you learn it, you are a DDL

DDlL factory.jpg