Department of Creation and Destruction

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Leftover from the time that A New School was a farmstead, at the edge of campus sits a barn and a silo. At least, that’s what they used to be, before the DCD got ahold of them. The Barn now functions as a remodeled live-in studio. On the top floor, in the old hayloft, students sleep in hammocks made by the textile students. One half of the barn has been replaced entirely with glass, and sunlight streams in on the visual artists. The other half, outfitted with high-speed internet, coffee makers, and enough cushy armchairs to house a small army, is home to the writers. If you listen closely you can always hear someone talking about their new idea, swearing because someone pointed out a plot hole, or trying desperately to convince their friend to beta read their new piece. Haphazard stacks of books creep up the walls, and art covers every available surface. The Creation Kids believe vehemently in reckless, boundless, and fearless creation as the only way to survive. Outside in the silo, the other half of the department can usually be found working on homemade recipes for explosives, demolishing test crash dummies, developing new formulations for jet fuel, or just blowing up a car because they can. There is beauty in destruction, they have found, poetry in the finality of it all. Out back is a garden, tended to carefully (and ferociously protected when the destruction kids accidentally set things on fire). The creation kids grow pomegranates and jasmine, chamomile and mint- somehow, anything will grow in this sticky, honeyed Virginia dirt. But, come rain or shine, at 5:30 all of the students have tea together in the back field, covered in paint and ink, soot and dust, and watch golden hour hit the rolling hills that sink down to the castle.


Key Colors:


Grass green

Sunflower yellow


Subjects of study:




Environmental Science


Building: Abandoned barn and silo


Motto: It's just life and death. 


Concepts/ ideas/ vibes: 

The prank wars!!

Painting the silo rainbow

Pranks on whimsical bridges

Heads of dept: Pangender chaotic artist and agender goth anarchist

Ramp around the silo on the inside 

Trapeze nets and hammocks


Tea time- they always arrive covered in paint and soot

Students paint portraits that hang in all the common spaces

The common room fridge is the ultimate gallery

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