Camp Averno



What is Camp Averno?
Camp Averno is a free online camp based off the in universe Camp Averno. Campers participate in virtual challenges to gain cabin points and win the camp cup!


Camp Averno 2021

Camp Averno 2021 will be held June 12th-20th 2021 and has the theme Twinkling Lights in honor of Bittersummer's release.


How old should I be to join?
You must be 13 to join the Discord server, but everyone is encouraged to participate. 


Wait I've seen this before?
Yep! Camp is held annually so if you can't participate this year you can join next year. 


How to Choose a Cabin

Choose one of the three cabins (Noctis, Solis, and Terra). You can either choose which you vibe with or take the quiz


Where can I join?
Participate on all platforms of social media by tagging @avernotownship and join the Camp Averno

Camp Logo 2021_Mel.png
  • Music with Alicia

  • Sun Bathing

  • Watching the Sunrise 

  • Solis Paraphernalia

  • Butterfly Time

  • Q-Chord with Fairything

  • Astronomy Night

  • Noctis Paraphernalia

  • "Sleep-Overs"

  • Story Time

Noctis Logo_Alicia.PNG
Noctis Activities
Solis Logo_Alicia.PNG
  • Flower Crowns with Zee

  • Terra Paraphernalia

  • Dirt Cosplay

  • Tea and Coloring

  • Nature Photography 

Terra Logo_Alicia.PNG
Terra Activities
Solis Activities