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A new folk musical

Bittersummer follows three best friends, Cam, Violet, and Dahlia, through their last summer in their rural hometown. When Cam and Violet were just four years old they started a tradition- Friday nights in their clubhouse at the edge of the woods. Since Cam and Violet were four years old, they have met every Friday night at their clubhouse at the edge of the woods. Now, thirteen years later, they have grown up and grown apart. Violet’s stepsister Dahlia has joined the group, and the three spend their nights planning their escape from Averno- running away to Boston, to an apartment with just the three of them, baking and doing homework together, far away from their current lives. All of that is jeopardized, however, when Dahlia loses her scholarship and Violet’s mom loses her job. The three girls are faced with the realities of limited economic mobility, and the fact that their fairytale may not come true.

The Sun and the Moon
This Love Won't Break Your Heart
Sidewalk Chalk
Twinkling Lights
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