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Acorn is a digital artist on the Averno team, most of the time working on character portraits, the webcomic, and miscellaneous projects. Her art instagram handle is @witchofyore, where most of her digital art can be found. Acorn enjoys creating art, reading, and exploring fandoms such as Averno. Her journey with Averno began with FBC in 2020, and joined the team the following August. Working with Averno is a dream come true, and she hopes to learn and grow together with everyone.

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Lead Artist for Over and Out & Dreamspeak Linguist 

Ally (she/her) is a concept artist on the Averno Team. She is also currently enrolled in college pursuing a BFA with a concentration in Illustration and a minor in Entrepreneurial Business. Ally grew up in the northeast unites states and has since moved even further into areas hit heavily by snow (which she loves). Other than art, Ally is extremely passionate about civics, sociology, social justice, and literature. She is also the Creator of Dreamspeak and has since adopted the title of Linguist. She holds Averno very close to her heart and hopes to one day include it in her professional artist career.


Artist & Animator

Asteroid is more or less 16 and currently a high school student although they want to go into the animation industry when they’re older. They’re an illustrator and animator on the Averno team and more of their work ranging from mini comics, animations, fanart for series they’ve enjoyed, illustrations, and sketches related to their webcomic that has yet to exist can be found on their decently active Instagram page @/arcaneasteroid. Their other interests include making pins and patches so their backpacks are harder to steal, caring for their hermit crabs who seem to only have one hobby and it’s knocking things over, writing stories so they may inflict them on other people, taking pictures of stuff that looks cool or old usually both, reading comics instead of working on their own that’s been in the same state for several weeks at this point, attempting to be bilingual, and growing plants on their windowsill that inevitably fall over so they have to vacuum dirt out of the carpet for what feels like the third time that week.




Cayden Larrosa (They/Them) is a 19 year old social media influencer and self titled Creative Polymath. Garnering a following of over 52,000 across Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube. Working across mediums such as film, photography, graphic design, art, writing, and music. Currently in based in the US. Brought on the Averno team for Dazed: A New Musical ARG Project and Into Averno: A Short Film for film related aspects but utilizes their skills on the concept team for all projects needed. Larrosa is activity pursuing work in the entertainment industry and has many other personal projects. Larrosa is currently working as a Creative Director for 723 Films as well as working on an untitled poetry book. All of Cayden's social media and contact info can be found by visiting




Cortis is a 14 year old Chilean artist who loves to draw. Aspiring for animation and illustration related careers. Lover of cats, coffee, musicals and mystery literature, she joined Averno as a part in the animatic and artistic related process.




Danni, or Cherophobia/Kero on some platforms, is a young artist who works digitally and traditionally in a painterly western anime style often. They are a 15 year old sophomore in high-school and throughout middle-school and high-school they have been an online artist who streams, creates multiple comics, and has done commission artwork in the past. They can be found on Instagram at @danni_creatives and Deviantart at CH3ROP0B14.


Emily (Monstrously)


Emily is an animator and creator who has been growing her audience under the name Monstrously. A gentle giant, she is blazing her own trail as a junior at Tennessee Technological University. She plans to study animation in Japan, and release a fully animated pilot by the time she graduates. Emily is excited to bring her skills to Averno, and is even more excited to meet other creatives such as herself.



Artist & Animator

Ginger is 15 going on 16 and a sophomore in high school in the US. Her goal? She has no idea. All she knows is that she wants to do something that'll leave a positive mark on the world. She is relatively new to Averno, and she joined because she loves everything art- from woodworking to theatre to musical instruments. Other than that, she loves animals, basketball, and nature and goes outside whenever she can. She has a crazy imagination and wants to make a place for herself that she can be proud of and call home, even if it's only for a little while. Ginger is quite the goofball, and loves making people laugh. Whenever the opportunity arises, she'll make a quick dad joke to lighten up the room. Ginger is not necessarily her real name, but it is what everyone who doesn't know her seems to calls her. Eventually, she'll share her name with the world, just not yet. When she's not drawing, she is super busy with school work and procrastinating on her school work. Overall, Ginger is glad to be a part of Averno and is excited to see where it'll take her! You can find her as @ginger.averno.ans on instagram.


Hales Nichole

Set Designer,  Artist, & Creator of Dreamsign

Hales Nichole is a freshly twenty year old student based in Florida. Growing up she’s been and lived all over the south and is no stranger to change and moving, nor the inherent comfort of Forests in the south . Born to an Art and Computer teacher, creativity has always been a feature point in their life, she spent the majority of her childhood creating Worlds in her head, a childhood that has prepared her for the worldbuilding of Averno. Finding childhood solace in the world of theatre, the sport of Figure Skating, and science books, Hales has a wide variety of hobbies, interests, and skills, ranging anywhere from digital art to understanding the complexities of Neuroscience to learning Sign Language. Currently on the path of a Dual bachelors degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Deaf Studies with a minor in Theatre. She can be found on the instagram @haleshollow_art where she posts portraits in a wide variety of styles and mediums, and set designs for her collection “Showbiz in a Shoebox”.




Izémrasen (ⵉⵣⴻⵎⵔⴰⵙⴻⵏ) is a Queer, Transmasculine Genderneutral, 22 year old, university student based in the UK. They are the newest concept artist in the Averno team. He is mixed race, half 3/4 Indigenous Amazigh and 1/4 Spanish Basque. He is also deaf/hard of hearing. In university he studies BA (Hons) Performing Arts & Filmography & is the LGBT+ Executive Officer for the university. Outside university he is an actor, multidisciplinary artist & activist. And outside all of his official uni and work stuff, he loves being a big anime & comic weeb, figure skating, skateboarding, playing basketball, cosplaying, play their ukulele, drawing, painting, annoying his friends with their collection of nerf guns, doing witchy stuff, writing songs and swimming. (If you want to check them out and their art, check out their Instagram @IZENEKO)




Kellan, also known as ‘The Girl who Dances Around’ by her neighborhood, is a teenage artist, animator, songwriter, poet, and cryptozoologist. Her instagram is @mothman_in_a_trenchcoat. She is fairly new, but knowledgeable about Averno, and is the coolest person in DUE. She’s always been fascinated by the unknown and enjoys hobbies such as reading, playing D&D, breaking rules, cryptid hunting, and breaking rules. She has a unique fashion sense, wearing large hoop skirts and dresses, funny hats, elf ears, and cloaks. Think the 18th century mixed with some magic and chaos, or your favorite D&D character who stole a pair of heelys froma time traveller. She enjoys dancing around her neighborhood in such dress, giving flowers to children and bringing joy to all. However, sometimes she is forced to obey societal norms, such as when her high school banned elf ears. She doesn’t care, and breaks the rules anyways. Kellan isn’t sure exactly what she wants to do, but is considering animation or anthropology. She seeks adventure, exploring everywhere. She is very excited to be a concept artist for the Averno Team and can’t wait to get started on projects.

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Krys is an asian american creative writer, freelance artist, and musician in the US. They are 16 years old and are a passion driven, charismatic individual who loves to share their passion with others. Their favorite hobbies include drawing, drinking bubble tea, and playing music on their free time. They enjoy going on hikes and exploring the wonders of nature, as well as witnessing the behaviors of wildlife in action. They have two pet birds! As a freelance artist and part of the Averno Concept Team, Krys is ecstatic to have the opportunity to contribute and looks forward to continue seeing the growth of Averno in the future. You can follow Krys at @koifvsh on Instagram and Twitter!



Leek is a student, artist, animator, and content creator working to find a living doing the things he loves. Juggling everything can be difficult, and he's certainly still getting used to it, but it's also rewarding. He doesn't do much work for Averno anymore because of these responsibilities, but hopes to help with smaller projects along the way. You can find him essentially anywhere online with the handle @ottobonopoly.

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Lukas is a 14 year old self taught artist, reigning from Minnesota. World building and the fantasy genre has always fascinated him, making it impossible for him to turn down the chance to join the Averno concept art team. He focuses on character art, unintentionally sticking to Bittersummer characters. Luke has grown up surrounded by the arts, creating for as long as he can remember. When not drawing, you can find him writing or playing music. Find his artworks on Instagram.


Makenna Catron


Makenna, aka @blueberry_soda03 on Instagram, is a concept artist on the averno team. You may know her from the Gravity falls x averno mini comic with bill cypher! Makenna hopes to make content the will make everybody happy!




Martha (@/daemonishy on instagram) is a 16 year-old artist from the UK working on the Averno team as a concept artist. She is a mostly self taught digital artist, but she will be studying both Fine Art and Graphic Communications at A levels in the hopes of working towards becoming a full-time Illustrator. She likes frogs, podcasts, dnd, drinking obscene amounts of instant coffee, and the found family trope.



Maxiety is a young adult that animates and makes music in most of his free time if he’s not sleeping. Since he’s also a musical nerd, he’s joined the Averno team as an animator/artist in hopes to have some new experiences and meet cool people. He’s been part of the Smule musical community for over three years, most commonly know in the community for singing and acting as Jared Kleinman (from Dear Evan Hansen), and Jeremy Heere (from Be More Chill) in past musical groups often. One of his most viewed recordings on Smule is “Cecily Smith” by Will Connolly. You might also find him on TikTok and Instagram, both under the username: maxiety_ Lastly, his username is just a combination of Max and Anxiety.


Melissa van Dijk-Allen

Lead Artist for Camp Averno 2021

Melissa van Dijk-Allen is a twenty-one year old freelance illustrator and student, based in Hamilton, Ontario. She is currently completing her studies at University, with the intent to receive her Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology. From a young age, Melissa has always enjoyed the arts, both visual and performing. When not drawing, Melissa enjoys photography, thrifting and adventures with friends and family. Her artwork is primarily found under her Instagram handle @ melsewheres, where people can follow her journey to discover new styles and skills in the world of digital art. She is looking forward to growing with the Averno team and being apart of such a unique story.


Lead Artist for Wild Ones

Orchid is a 14-year-old, mostly self-taught artist from Denmark. Always finding herself stuck to fantastic stories, she fell in love with Averno from the start, joining the team in September of 2020. Ever since they joined, they've worked on various things for Averno, recently the Wild Ones Webcomic, along with other projects in the different musicals. In her own time, she loves writing poetry, making pottery, and drawing on her pants. You can find her at @orchi.draws on Instagram, where she posts anything they can get away with.




Pidge is a teenage artist, beginning activist, and aspiring actor in the USA. They are a first level black belt in their style of karate, and help teach at their dojo. Running an account with their friends, they hope to gather enough funds to donate to their favorite charities. Their art has evolved over the many years they have been practicing, and have recently become a part of the animators team for Averno.


Rainbow Charrie

Head of Concept Art & Artist

Rainbow (He/Him) is a 23 years old French concept artist, currently living in the UK. After cultivating a love for watercolour for years, his main medium is now digital and he loves to draw buildings as much as characters; with a slight obsession with sketching birds. His art aims to be soft, with neutral or pastel colours and a profoundly cottagecore aesthetic. He started drawing seriously at the age of 10, but only very recently realised that he wanted to make it his career, and he is looking currently doing a degree in Concept Art. Having been the manager of a theatre company, Rainbow loves acting, singing, dancing, playing music, as well as photography, sewing, cosplay, and really any kind of art! The arts have always been a major part of his life and, as well as being a LGBTQ+ activist, the main thing going on in his life. He joined the Averno Concept Team in August 2020 and is extremely grateful and excited to be part of this adventure. Find him via his linktree


Raquel Martínez


My name is Raquel, but my friends call me Rei. I’m a digital artist from Spain and I love to draw fantasy...also female characters! I could never go to an art school but I was always self-taught since I drew with an old computer and a ball mouse. I love nature, cats and magic witches!

Renae Dower


Renae Dower is a freelance concept/character designer and illustrator, who by day is also a project manager. She graduated from Roanoke College in 2014 with her Bachelors in Art. Renae holds a passion for most forms of creativity and art; she performs and is the performance director for City Modern Ensemble (amodern ballet company). She creates backdrops, sets, costumes and clothing along with pottery and traditional painting and drawing. She is currently painting a mural for the City of Roanoke as well. When not creating, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, reading, hiking and cuddling with her two dachshunds.

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Shikhar Singhal


Shikhar is a multifaceted creative, who studied architecture, and they also are self taught Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Writer, and pursue these passionately. They believe these artforms are interconnected and helps in personal growth of an Individual. Their main focus is to cultivate a community amongst folks from various fields to make better content and lead the world towards a sustainable creative community. They are a self taught Artist, and their primary area of interest has been visual and performative identity & communication. They strive for content that are self explanatory though open to various interpretations, inclusive and intersectional. People can find their art on instagram @thepalettesofshikhar where they share thier spectrum of works, from traditional pen and paper artworks, to digital paintings; from monochromatic style to polychromatic works. They have dabbled into multiple art forms, from writing, to music, to artwork and incidentally finding their way to the world of Averno.




Sock, James, Bill, Death, this individual doesn't understand fully the concept of names and how many one should have, and was given new names on such a regular basis that his original names have been lost to time. Along with all the names, he has a hoard of mysterious and curious things, all the way from exotic feathers to human teeth, which he adds to constantly and continuously. When it comes to art he's a speedy little demon and has the ability to write and bind a full comprehensible field guide in less than three weeks, while still managing to take enough breaks to get all his finals done. He is very short and at 5' tall he can fit into most cabinets and rarely loses a game of hide and seek. Sock joined Averno as a fan, when he was directed to the department of unconfirmed existence by an online quiz, and immediately started making unofficial art for the use of Averno's fanbase. He still can't believe he was noticed by Morgan and the concept team, but in hindsight it makes sense. He can be found @sock.averno.ans on Instagram, and that's about it.


Sophie Notbom

Lead Artist for Bittersummer 

Sophie is 18 years old and fresh out of high school. She was born in Austria and moved to Germany at age four, making her pretty much a German citizen at this point. She's been heavily involved with the arts her entire life, having been drawing, painting, singing and performing on stage basically since she could walk. Spending a year abroad in Michigan this past year, Sophie has been granted Summa Cum Laude for her outstanding performance, both academically and artistically.
She's been active on her Instagram handle 'dropinart' for the past three years, having made great friends in the artistic community.
Throughout her life, performing in and creating art for musicals and plays has been a great joy for Sophie. She's truly thrilled to be part of this project, especially having been an eager fan of Morgan's recent project 'Oceanborn'.



Soupy is a 19 year old Genderfluid Filipino lesbian who goes by they/them, and currently lives in the US. They are part of the Averno Discord Mod team as well as the concept artist team. They love Averno to their very core and would honestly die for it and everyone in the team. They are currently struggling as a freshman in college and is known in the server as “Big demoted himbo.” They love anime, video games, musicals, and girls. Their Instagram and tiktok is @atomicshibas69.


Thea Fennell

Business Manager & Artist

Thea Fennell is an actress, artist, cat lover, chemistry major, creator, cosplayer, D&D player and dungeon master, former theater teacher, singer, stage manager, and all around general nerd. Raised in community theater, she continues to enjoy performing as well as the creation and tech aspects of theater. She regularly binge consumes media, creates art, and plays video games, often at the same time. Thea mainly does typography and costume design for Averno, though she has had her hands in many different projects. Averno is a project near and dear to her heart; as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, stories that are inclusive and diverse are so important, especially at this time of prevalent hate. She can be found sharing her art, stupid ideas, and jokes with the world at @tfennell42 on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.




Zee is a 17 year old Queer, Autistic, French-Canadian artist. They are currently completing a Bachelor of Clinical Psychology in university, but hope to continue doing art on the side to eventually become an art therapist. They have always been fascinated by the strange mysteries of our world and the intricate ways our actions can affect everything around us. They are occasionally called a goblin because of the immense amount of crystals they hoard and their interest in bones. Zee is a mental health advocate, using their art to erase stigma surrounding mental illness and enjoys tea, witchcraft, reading, painting, nature, frogs. They joined the concept team in December 2020, and are super excited to be working as part of the concept team! You can find their work on instagram @sunnyandcrow .

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