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Head of Averno Online & Website

Abigail is an 19 year old college student that possesses abilities in the mysterious entity known as math. So much so that she is studying biomedical engineering to create medical devices, like prosthetics and hearing aids, for people with disabilities. When she isn't busy with school and Averno she can often be found reading in her room, doing research for her lab, or cooking and baking up a storm. In addition, Abigail manages Averno Online, so all things Averno that are self released, as well as running  the website. 


Alexa Chalnick

Head of Composition and Music Director

Alexa Chalnick (she/her | 19) is the Head of Composition and Music Director for the Averno Universe. Most commonly known for her TikTok channel which has over 600,000 subscribers, Chalnick has also made national news for her “Songwriting Challenges”. Chalnick has studied at Juilliard, Rutgers Mason Gross, The PaperMill Playhouse, West Minster Choir College, Howell's Fine Performing Arts Center, as well as at Ithaca College where she is currently getting her Bachelors degree in Music. Chalnick founded “Sing For Alexa Saturday,” a free zoom musical theatre masterclass made accessible for everyone, and is also growing a YouTube Channel where she plans to continue to post content. All of Alexa's socials can be found by searching @AlexaChalnick. For other information as well as contact info, visit


Jamie Frazier

Concept Director

Jamie (They/He) does concept design for the Averno Universe and is Quinn on the podcast “Live from Averno.” Since origins of Averno, they have worked on world building, lore creation, and editing content. Jamie, while being a creator of Averno, was still swallowed by it just the same. A biological anthropologist and birth doula by trade, Jamie quickly found that their passion of telling stories and building worlds with their partner Morgan Smith, soon took on a life of its own. Now, they spend their days imaging new worlds, creating new creatures, and generally being team dad.


Morgan Smith


Morgan is twenty years old and has grown up all over the East Coast, from farms in Virginia and Maine to a cabin in Connecticut.
Writer of Oceanborn, an internet-famous fantasy musical called "sweeping and confident" by the New York Times, Wayward Sisters, an upcoming musical about paganism in the deep south, and Delirium, an upcoming musical about nightmares coming to life, Morgan's writing is thoroughly entrenched in the mythic women of past and present. 
Their short fiction has been published in the US and internationally, winning over 20 national awards.  They have studied at Bryn Mawr College, Kenyon College, Yale University, Juilliard, and New York University.


Rainbow Charrie

Head of Concept Art & Artist

Rainbow (He/Him) is a 23 years old French concept artist, currently living in the UK. After cultivating a love for watercolour for years, his main medium is now digital and he loves to draw buildings as much as characters; with a slight obsession with sketching birds. His art aims to be soft, with neutral or pastel colours and a profoundly cottagecore aesthetic. He started drawing seriously at the age of 10, but only very recently realised that he wanted to make it his career, and he is looking currently doing a degree in Concept Art. Having been the manager of a theatre company, Rainbow loves acting, singing, dancing, playing music, as well as photography, sewing, cosplay, and really any kind of art! The arts have always been a major part of his life and, as well as being a LGBTQ+ activist, the main thing going on in his life. He joined the Averno Concept Team in August 2020 and is extremely grateful and excited to be part of this adventure. Find him via his linktree


Thea Fennell

Business Manager & Artist

Thea Fennell is an actress, artist, cat lover, chemistry major, creator, cosplayer, D&D player and dungeon master, former theater teacher, singer, stage manager, and all around general nerd. Raised in community theater, she continues to enjoy performing as well as the creation and tech aspects of theater. She regularly binge consumes media, creates art, and plays video games, often at the same time. Thea mainly does typography and costume design for Averno, though she has had her hands in many different projects. Averno is a project near and dear to her heart; as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, stories that are inclusive and diverse are so important, especially at this time of prevalent hate. She can be found sharing her art, stupid ideas, and jokes with the world at @tfennell42 on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.