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Current Projects

Welcome to Averno. We've been waiting for you.


A new folk musical

It's like if summer camp and The Craft had a baby, and that baby was an immersive folk musical. Following three best friends- Cam, Dahlia, and Violet, and Quinn- the new kid in town, an anxious library archivist- Sweetbitter is a celebration of all of the confusing, messy joy of growing up in a small town.
Featuring music by Annalise Emerick.

The Forest

The forest calls. Will you answer?

At the center of Averno is the forest. It all comes back to this, the darkened heart of the wood that started it all. In this virtual reality experience, explore the Forest, hear its stories, and decide for yourself whether you ever want to leave. And whether you can.

Webcomic/ Graphic Novel

Want more comics by queer women? Want more comics about queer women? Us too. Welcome to Averno. Dream with us.
Scarlett hasn’t always had a home. But when the Shadow Mothers appear and whisk her away into the woods, she discovers a world she never believed possible- not even in her wildest dreams. She learns to walk between the worlds, to build a home for the other children of the woods, to survive through the darkest nights and weave a shimmering world of secrets, a world that will be her safe haven and her worst nightmare.

A live-written horror-fantasy podcast

Quinn has a dark secret only three other people know. All of them are missing. 
Will is obsessed with true crime. She’s about to be at the epicenter of one. 
Together, Quinn and Will attempt to unravel the mysteries of Averno- but they aren’t the only ones trying to find the truth. They need help, and you, my dear listener, are the final piece of the puzzle. We’ve been waiting for you.

Wayward Sisters

Punk Rock Musical

What happened to the witches you didn’t burn?
Some ended up at a tiny liberal arts school in the dead-end backwoods town of Averno, VA. They are every bit modern witches- divining the answers to their career problems, downing endless matcha lattes as they research the greek magical papyri for their theses, keeping not-so-secret cats in their dorm rooms, cursing the patriarchy and getting dragged by their tarot cards. Sabrina, but with a Fulbright and a perfectly curated Instagram. Poppy, Ivy, and Florence are well on the way to bright futures- and it only took a little witchcraft. But when tragedy strikes, they are forced to reckon with a greater power. An older power. 
Deep in the forest, it has been waiting. Hungry. 
Play with fire, you get burned. Or you set the world alight.


About Averno

Shadows lurk in the woods, ready to take the sinners. The eyes are always watching. Children disappear. Storefronts never change. There are always whispers. 

Welcome to Averno.

Averno Township is a new multimedia art form encompassing a myriad of disciplines, including Live from Averno- a podcast, Wayward Sisters- a new rock musical, Wild Things- a queer play. and so much more.


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