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Welcome to Averno

A revolutionary transmedia experience


Welcome to Averno Township where shadows lurk in the woods. The eyes are always watching. Storefronts never change. There are always whispers. Yet you are home. Designed by a youth creative team Averno is full of LGBT+ media, gay witches, and musical theatre to bring forth the mysteries of the town.

Do you get chills when you watch our videos?

Do you see things in your head when you listen to our music?

Do you feel like you've been to the places we show you, perhaps in a past life?

Does Averno feel like a memory from childhood, the kind that you’re not quite sure is real? The kind that of place that exists somewhere between memory and dream? 

Do you get homesick when you think of A New School? 

Can you see yourself sitting at the edge of the lake, watching prank wars between cabins at Camp Averno, walking home on dirt roads and looking up at the stars? 

Have you always had Universe Dysphoria? Felt as though there must be something bigger out there, a different story that you belong in? Like you’ve been in a waiting room for your whole life, waiting for something to happen?

When you were a kid, did you ever look out the car window and watch the woods, imagining that something was running alongside you, just on the other side of the trees?

Do bees follow you?

Does it feel like the forest has woken up?

Is the natural language of thought inside your head story?

Averno has been calling you for your whole life. 

You’re just now learning how to answer.

There are 3 main locations in Averno. The Town, The School, and The Forest

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Current Projects
Live From Averno
Current Projects
Live From Averno
Current Projects
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